First Aid For Parents

KPP provides regular First Aid training events, for parents wishing to learn some basic first-response techniques. There’s nothing worse than having a sick or injured child and not having the skills to help them. Kiwanis Club of Pacific Pines endeavours to provide not-for-profit, affordable first aid training which can arm parents with the basic knowledge to help their children, and others, when the worst happens.

Kiwanis Calico Teddies (KCTs)

Calico teddies have long been present in the hospital wards of children around the world. Used as a tool to help deal with often difficult issues, the teddies are a comfort to many vulnerable kids. Kiwanis volunteers cut, sew and stuff the Kiwanis Calico Teddies, before donating them to local Gold Coast hospitals.

Winterfest & Community Markets

Since our inception, KPP have flown the flag to raise awareness and funds for our cause at many local markets and events. Our fundraising from these events go towards helping children in our community through social skills programs, domestic and sexual violence awareness and education, and our Clothe a Child program. We are always looking to fund new programs which aim to help our local children, and we love to interact with our community at these events to learn more about how we can help.